Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How to Make Everything Taste Better with Bacon

Bacon is the best and on the right diet, you can eat it all the time. Bacon is the perfect food for every meal and a great way to start and end your day. From bacon and eggs for breakfast to crumbled bacon in your salad for dinner, there are plenty of ways to incorporate bacon into your meals. However, what if you accidentally run out or there’s a bacon shortage? You should always have a few tricks up your sleeve if you want to keep the great taste of bacon in your life everywhere, all the time. So, we’ve put together a few of our favorite ways to enhance the flavor of any snack or recipe with delicious bacon flavor.

Bacon-flavored Seasoning Salts

Our bacon-flavored seasoning salts will blow you away with delicious bacon flavor! Popcorn will never be the same again after you try our Jalapeno Bacon Salt or Cheddar Bacon Salt. While these low-sodium seasonings are packed with flavor, they are not overpowering and are designed to improve your favorite meals. Our Peppered Bacon Salt and Applewood Bacon Salt are perfect for seasoning chicken and fish, as well as finally giving vegetables a reason to live.

Bacon Condiments

Those less sophisticated than you and I may not like baconnaise. Well, more baconnaise for us! Baconnaise is a fantastic replacement for mayonnaise in every situation and a great way to turn any sandwich into a lunchtime love affair. We like to call baconnaise the “duct tape” of the culinary world. Some may say that yogurt is the world’s culinary duct tape, but we don’t even know what that stuff is – we’re sure it could use some bacon though. You’ll never need mayonnaise again after one taste of this amazing advancement in food science.

Our Bacon Hot Sauce and Bacon Salsa are a fantastic way to kick the flavor up a few notches for your next snack or party spread.  Transform everything from burgers and tacos to nachos and chili into a bacon party with these versatile condiments!

Rubs & Marinades

If you don’t have time to wrap all your meats in bacon, you can use our bacon marinades & rubs for grilling steaks and veggies, baking chicken, fish, and enhancing all things edible. Our Bacon Rub is a versatile seasoning made from the most delicious all-natural ingredients and perfect for enhancing your pork chops, steaks, and more.

These are just a few ways to turn any meal into a bacon-themed feast! Don’t forget to dip your fries in our Bacon Ketchup for an additional blast of delicious bacon flavor.

What are your favorite ways to incorporate bacon into your meals? Share your stories and recipes in the comments below!
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