Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Best Exotic Jerky Meats

Here at Meat Maniac, you know we have all the best snacks. From critters that crawl to candy that lights your senses on fire (see our Gummy Ghost Peppers…if you dare), we carry the unique snacks you can’t find anywhere else. While many of our snacks are dedicated to feats of bravery, our exotic jerky meats take snacking to the next level! We love making jerky meats and have created a wide range of meats and flavors from which to choose your favorites. So, let’s run through some of our more amazing jerky meats we know you’ll enjoy adding to your daily snack list.

Brisket Jerky
We use the best cuts of brisket to make our Meat Maniac brisket jerky meats. We make small patches of our brisket jerkies, slow cooked to ensure a softer, tenderer jerky. We have experimented with every flavor you could imagine and have the tastiest flavors around! We have IPA Beer and Red Wine, Lonestar Legend, Whiskey, Habanero, and many more all made with and inspired by Texas smokehouse pit barbecue techniques.

Bacon Jerky

We have a special relationship with bacon and take extra special care when making our bacon jerky meats. We spend hours creating our marinades with a world of choices from Sriracha and jalapeno to maple and honey pepper recipes that will knock your bacon socks off! We have everything from spicy jalapeno and Sriracha bacon jerky to sweet and smoky Maple and Western BBQ flavors all guaranteed to satisfy your hunger.

Jerky made from Exotic Meats

Now here’s where things get really interesting! We have the most delicious jerky meats made from the finest cuts of some of the most exotic meats on the planet! We have shark meat, ostrich meat, alligator meat, python meat, and even our Meat Maniac earthworm jerky will have your taste buds screaming for more! We also carry more popular exotic jerky meats including wild boar, venison, buffalo, elk, and pheasant, as well as plenty of fish jerky from which to choose your favorites.

All of our Meat Maniac jerky meats are delivered fresh to you and packaged with care and love. Jerky meat is a healthy snack that tastes great, is packed with protein, and helps tame the toughest cravings. Make sure to keep your jerky meats dry and sealed to ensure they last as long as possible and keep their delicious flavor until the last bite.

What are your favorite jerky meats and recipes? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!
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